escadas do BarredoPorto was born due to its business strength. Since the fenicians arrived in this region, there has always been a settlement here. Romans settled down where they used to cross the river between Portus and Cale on each side of the river.

The city always took advantage from its Maritime location, firstly to help feed the crusades, later during the 15th century with the new world discoveries and closer to our days with the Port Wine and wool trade with the United Kingdom.

Porto grew around where is today the Cathedral (Sé) and slowly expanded to the neighboring hills and then to sea, north and east.

The historical centre of Porto has been declared UNESCO’s World Heritage Site 2001.

Points of Interest in the historical centre of Porto

Bairro da Sé (cathedral’s borough) – The main cathedral () of Porto is on the top of a hill facing the river and land, which used to be called Penaventosa. People live here for over 3000 year. Around it, a mace of small narrow streets take you down towards the river. Streets are named after their own peculiarities, such as Rua Escura (Dark street) named like this because of its little sunlight or Rua da Bainharia, where there were several sheath makers (bainharias).

Barredo – on the southern side of Penaventosa are the houses of Barredo neighborhood, a charming old and colorful area of Porto that ends by the river in Ribeira.

Ribeira – the old area by the river. Ribeira means riverside. Walk here, go to a restaurant, enjoy the views of old Porto. In front, on the other side of the river you have the Port wine cellars.

Apartments in the historical centre of Porto

Search all apartments located in the historical centre of Porto. The historical centre goes from Ribeira (south), by the river Douro and close to the Eiffel bridge of D. Luis, eastwards towards Batalha, and the remains of the old wall; northwards up to the Town Hall and westwards up to Hospital de Santo António and Cedofeita.

One bedroom Flat in Ribeira

Studio near Batalha Place

Studio 2 near batalha Place

One bedroom Apartment in Fontainhas

One bedroom Apartment Taipas