Foz, meaning the mouth of the river, is the western side of Porto. It is where the river Douro meets the sea. It’s a more exclusive area, with trees lined streets, beaches and lovely villas.

Foz do Douro was a parish on the outskirts of Porto. Inhabitants of this area felt so distant, that whenever they went to the city centre they said they had to go to Porto and it took about an hour to go by “Americana”, the first trams carried by horses.

There are two main areas: Foz Velha between river and the sea, with its beautiful little streets perched on the hill sides and going down until Passeio Alegre; and all the Manor House, the rich Villas you see between the Fortress of São João da Foz, and the Fortress Castelo do Queijo. The first a poor, that used to be mainly fishermen area and a rich area withe the most expensive avenues in Porto.

Points of Interest in Foz, Porto

Forte de São João da Foz – this Fortress built 1570 as a defensive castle. It has suffered some changes to become better fitted for defense. Latter as it become obsolete as a defensive building, it was converted in a prison for political prisoners. In the 19th century it was even the residence of a charismatic Portuguese poet, Florbela Espanca, whose husband was stationed here.

Cantareira – the area between along the river until the Fortress. Here you still fdind fishermen and can even buy from them fish, if you go early enough.

Casa de Serralves – the museum of modern art. It is located within the gated property of Serralves. The museum itself is a building by Siza Vieira, but there are beautiful gardens around the original house, a beautiful ’30 villa, there is a small forest and a rural area. It’s free on sunday mornings.

Avenida Brasil – the seafront of Porto has a lovely promenade with beaches, esplanades and the restaurants a great place to go for a walk or sunbathing

Sealife – Porto has its very own Sealife. Here you can see get a good  view of the marine life around us. Don’t miss if you come with children.

Castelo do Queijo – Its real name is Forte de São Francisco Xavier, but it was built on a rock that resembled a cheese, hence the name: queijo.

Parque da Cidade – a green park that stretches to the sea. Perfect for a picnic, jogging, playing with children. Every saturday there is a biomarket in the rural area of the park, northeast of the park close to a bar called soundwich.

This area is served by several bus lines, namely: 202, 203, 204, 207, 504, 1M.

Apartments in this area

One bedroom Apartment in Foz