Boavista area, Porto


Boavista is an area between the center of Porto and Foz to the west. It is not a parish, far more encompasses the area that goes from around Rotunda da Boavista and along the Avenida da Boavista. It is the area the grew the most in the past century. Here you have Casa da Música, the German School in Guerra Junqueiro street. The botanical Garden, the Planetarium, the Faculty of Letters and some of the Universities Sciences Faculties and Institutes in rua do Campo Alegre. Search all our flats and apartments in this area of Porto.

Points of Interest in Boavista Area

Casa da Música – The main concert hall of Porto. It was built for the European Capital fo Culture  2001, but only finished in 2005. By Dutch architect, Rem Koohlas. Buses:  201, 202, 203, 208, 303, 402, 502, 503, 504, 507, 508, 601  Metro: Casa da Música

German School – located in Rua Guerra Junqueiro between Av. Boavista and Campo Alegre. Educates children from Kindergarden to 12tth grade. (Website in German and Portuguese)

Faculty of Arts – near Rua Campo Alegre. it’s known as FLUP or Faculdade de Letras. Buses: 200, 204, 207, 209, 902, 903, 1M, 12M

Faculty of Sciences – located at Rua do Campo Alegre. Buses: 902, 903 and near the Planetarium buses 200, 204, 207 and 209

Faculty of Architecture – It’s located near Rua do Campo Alegre, in Via Panorâmica Edgar Cardoso. Buses: 209 and in Rua do Campo Alegre 200, 204, 207, 209.

Botanical Garden – a beautiful and green area in the centre of Porto. Here used to be the home of a major Poet, Sophia de Mello Breyner. Buses: 200, 204, 207, 209, 504, 1M (Website: only Portuguese)

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