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Winter stay – electricity cost in Porto

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Porto is a humid and to a certain extend a cold city. No so much the external temperature, but most of the homes built before 2000 do not have central heating nor are adequately isolated. So it is difficult to recreate the heating conditions you have in your country at a low cost. Find out the electricity cost in Porto!

In Porto, the main source of energy at home is still electricity. Gas usage in Porto homes has been increasing but it is half or even less of the energy used in the homes. Eletricity is costy, with a price range from 0,26€ to 0,30€ per Kw (includes all costs and taxes), so if you want to have a 22ºC in your Porto home in the winter, be ready to spend a small fortune, as you will need most likely more than 250€ per month to obtain that kind of comfort.

EDP, a portuguese eletricity company has a very good tool to check how much energy you need and verify the electricity cost in Porto.  It is in portuguese, but I’m sure you can understand the essentials, after I explained them to you here.

Electricity Cost Calculator

You start by choosing a room:

 how much energy do I need in a Porto's apartment hall e corredor (hall / corridor)Cozinha (kitchen)Escritório (office)

Quarto (bedroom)

Sala (livingroom)

Casa de banho (WC)

Garagem/ Jardim (garage/garden)

Now you choose the appliances and move them to the room; then you see the details (potency – just leave as is, but for example if you use 2 burners on a stove you’ll need about 3000KW of potency); quantity (of that appliance); how frequently (day, week, month); and if it will work at the same time as other appliances. Then you can choose if you use it during the day (cheia) or during the night (vazia), in the red field you see how much each it will use.

eletricity consumption Porto

Now you can see how much each equipment needs to work and hom much it will impact your bill. energy needed for a one bedroom apartment in Porto

After completing all the rooms and appliances, check the results:


These here correpond to a one bedroom apartment with water boiler, fridge, stove with 2 burners, coffee machine, toaster, microwave, washing machine used 3 times in the week, a heater wich is on for 10 hours a day (the program doesn’t allow to set a 24 hour use) and light.

So get ready to spend this much if you are looking for an average of 22ºC in a portuguese home!