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The most fantastic and terrifying film week is about to start in Porto. On the  It has been now going on for 34 years.

Every year Porto’s unpleasant winter isn’t the only one that brings shivers down our spines. It’s the time for the International Film Festival  – Fantasporto, a film festival that focus on fantasy, science-fiction and horror films.

This year’s edition will bring about 200 films from 30 countries. Opening this year there’ll be the premiere of “Vampire Academy” from the authors of “Twillight”. There will be also a tribute to Victor Flemming and The Wizard of OZ. There’ll be 5 diferent sections: Fantasy Film; Manuel Oliveira Prize; Express Orient with asian films; Portuguese Cinema; and Retrospective Section which will look into films by Herique Espirito Santo.

The Film Festival will take place as always in Rivoli, Praça Dom João I, 4000-295 Porto, tickets go from 80€ (if you buy now) or 100€ for the Full pass; a ticket will be about 5€.