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Easter in Porto

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Easter weekend is about to start and as usual Porto is going to welcome many visitors. In fact the city will be packed with guests as if it was a wedding and everybody had been invited. We at Flat in Porto are ready to welcome all of them!

Amêndoas da páscoa

Rainy Easter

In spite of the expected wet weather, the city has a lot to offer. There are good museums, such as Serralves, Soares dos Reis, museu do Carro Elétrico, the World of Discoveries. There are good art galeries and exhibitions. In Museu do Carro Elétrico there is going to be held a producers’ market. There will be a gastronomical event in Matosinhos, the city next door to Porto. These are but a few to mention, you can find many more in viralagenda. It is a Portuguese calendar for events, it is only in Portuguese, but I think you will understand where to go and what to do under the rain in Porto.

Easter in our Apartments

With or without rain our apartments are ready to welcome you. We have done the spring cleaning; there are fresh bedlinen; fresh towels. Everything is ready to make you feel at home in Porto during these days. But this year we have decided to welcome our guests with a special treat! There are going to be our traditional easter almonds waiting for you!

Have a great Easter in Porto!