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Study in Portugal

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Studying in Portugal is definitely a great alternative for your future education. Find out why:

Study in Portugal, because life is good

It’s not only that it is milder then in northern Europe. People are nice and relaxed and the atmosphere is generally speaking easy going. Even though a group of friends might be a closed environment, true is that the portuguese are ready to wellcome foreigners.

Study in Portugal, because cost of living is cheaper

The cost of living is also another favorable point as it is cheaper then in central or northern European countries. You can find bedrooms in shared apartments or even studios and apartments furnished and equipped with quite interesting prices. Not to mention the food, bars and restaurants which are also very accessible serving good food and portions.

Choose your Exchange or Grant program

For European students there is the Erasmus program and if you come from elsewhere in the world try the Mundus program. There are other possibilities such as the Fullbright Grant and the portuguese Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation grants.

Choose the university

If you choose to study in Portugal’s capital Lisbon, you can go to the University of Lisbon now including the former Instituto Politécnico and the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa ( 37000 students) or the Universidade Nova (ca.22000 students) these being the largest in Portugal. The courses offer is therefore quite wide and the different faculties are spread all over Lisbon, so if you choose one of these it is wise to know it’s exact location to find then the convenient student’s accomodation.

Porto, the second largest city in Portugal has also one of the best ranking universities in Portugal. Being a smaller city then Lisbon it’s faculties are located in three major areas: Asprela, near the São João Hospital, in the northern area of the city; in the centre of Porto, and to the west in Campo Alegre area. It is easier to move around but nevertheless it is important to now the area of your faculty in order to choose a good location for your accomodation.

The city of Coimbra is the other major university in Portugal, quite in the centre of Portugal. Coimbra’s university is the oldest and full of traditions. It is mostly located in the centre of the city and due to it’s smaller size, finding a good living location will be easier, as a good part of the city is at walking distance.