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Francesinha: Aol travel likes it

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It is really impossible not to like our Francesinha. Aol Travel agrees with us Porto folks and has included our francesinha on the top sandwiches of the world!
The question is only where can we try the best one. It is of course in Porto and surroundings. So here is a small list of some of the places where to eat francesinha.

Café Pontual

Rua do Almada 350, Porto; tel.: + 351 222 088 917
Here is where you can eat the best ones (my personal and very humble opinion).

Capa Negra II

Rua Campo Alegre 191Porto; tel: +351 226 078 380
For this snack at late hours this is the place to go!


Rua do Campo Alegre, 814, 4150-177 Porto, tel: +351 22 600 84 55
Somewhat expensive but folks in town love it.

Bufete Fase

Rua de Santa Catarina, 1147, 4000-456 Porto, tel: +351 222 052 118
This one too is considered one of the best by a good majority of locals.


Rua do Bonjardim, 87, 4000-124 Porto, tel: +351 222 006 465
I could not leave out the restaurant that started it all!