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Agenda: Porto 2013

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Care to know what will be happening in Porto in 2013? Check-out our selection of coming events in Porto and surroundings for this year:


main-banner2013Where: Teatro Rivoli        When: 1 – 10/03

For more than 30 years Porto hosts every year one of the best Film Festival in Europe. It started by devoting itself to the fantasy  and  sci-fi movies, but nowadays it does go well behond those films. This year there’ll will be a pre-festival between the 25th and 28th of February. As far as the program for this year is yet to be known, nevertheless there will be hommages to Manoel de Oliveira and his masterpiece Aniki Bobó, to Michael Powel and the french movie stars.

For more information check their website: Fantasporto

Fitei – Theater Festival

Fitei Porto 2013Where: theaters and streets of Porto           When: 29/05  to 10/05

Fitei – the Iberian theater festival of Porto happens for the 36th time this year. It brings together performers and companies from Portuguese and Spanish language. There are street performances as well as in theaters. Theater plays for kids and grown-ups. The crisis situation may bring some cuts, but we are sure it will be nevertheless as memorable as always. For new updates, please check the Fitei’s website on a regular basis.

Photo: from Fitei’s Website

Optimus Primavera Sound


Primavera Sound Porto 2013Where: Parque da Cidade              When: 30/05 to 1/06

After a first time with great bands, an even better atmosphere, you can count on a good coming show in 2013 in Porto. Bands are being gathered and as far as we know Blur will be there. Prices are still very interesting at this stage, so if you enjoyed last year, make sure you buy your tickets early enough to get the best price. Find out more in their website: Optimus Primavera Sound

Photo:  by Nuno Fagueiro in Optimus Primavera Sound website


S. João

S. João PortoWhere: all of Porto       When: 23 – 24th of june

The party of the parties in Porto. The event of the events in Porto. Anyone who is a genuine citizen of Porto will attend. São João is the celebration of summer equinoce under the religious desguise of a Saint. There are several traditional pagan elements to this party, but the most carateristic for Porto is those plastic noisy hammers, with wich people hit each others heads, and no one gets offended by that. Definetely not to be missed.

Mares Vivas Music Festival

MVtmn2012_11Where: Praia do Cabedelo              When: 18 – 20/07

In Juli there will be held the 11th Mares Vivas festival. It is like the tides in its name: good strong waves of portuguese and international music that will happen between the sea and the river in the Praia do Cabedelo. Already confirmed bands: 30 seconds to mars, James Morrison. Prices are also still cheaper, check it in the offcial website (only portuguese): Mares Vivas.

Photo: Foto from Mares Vivas Website